Apr 13

NY: Canal Street, Little Italy, Maker Bots, and Fish ‘n Chips


(That photo above is not Canal Street. It’s near Larra & Ari’s place before we hopped on the subway.)

Yesterday after we finished up work we took the subway down to Canal Street and wandered around a bit. I really really want to tell you the story of the cloak and dagger adventure we went on that included a whispering Asian woman, block-by-block handoffs to more Asian women, secret doorways, massage parlors, and hidden rooms full of knockoff designer handbags, but I can’t. Bummer too, because it’s a great story.

But here are some photos of our walk through Little Italy and Nolita:




We stopped in at the Maker Bot store in the Village to check out their 3D printers. So cool!



Those are the spools (above) of the plastics that the 3D printers print with. We watched them print some cool bendy bracelets, and then they gave us a couple to take home. I think Kevin has a 3D printer in his future.


After Maker Bot we stopped for another great cup of coffee at Joe – the Art of Coffee. I took this photo right around the corner from the coffee shop and I didn’t focus in time but I love it anyway:


Nice lines:


We met up with Ari for a dinner of fish ‘n chips at A Salt and Battery. We had haddock and pollock and chips  (all sustainable seafood, no trans fats), with a side of fried brussels sprouts and a Stella Artois. Quite good!


Apr 13

NY: Red Rooster Harlem

We went up to Harlem last night to have dinner at Red Rooster. Great spot! We had several snacks from the bar (where there was a killer band playing!!), some fried green tomatoes, jerk chicken, mac’n cheese, fried chicken, and some crazy good sides (coconut yams, crispy plantains). The food was great and the atmosphere was perfect.

Here are some snaps along the way:

subway detail

subway art subway art


Subway detail

subway detail

subway detail

subway detail

In the restroom there was a framed letter from a third grader named Ataliyah that read:

Dear Marcus Samuelson,

Thank you for bring Red Rooster to our community. I really injoyed the potatos and carrtos. They were the best thing I ever had in my life. I hope you come back soon.

Your friend,

Another gorgeous day in New York City.

west side sunset

Apr 13

NY: We’re in New York!

We’re in New York for a week. I sold my Fuji x100 and bought a Fuji x100s and I love it even more than I loved my x100.

Walking around Chelsea on Thursday (before dinner at Colicchio & Sons):



Central Park yesterday afternoon:

Weather’s been gorgeous so far!

Mar 13

Making Lemonade: Hotel Still Life

We’re spending a little quality (work) time in San Jose this week. The hotel suites I spec’d out for us for a couple days didn’t really live up to the the reviews OR the promises on their website. I thought I’d take advantage of the lovely interior, however, to do a little series with the X100.












CS-LD-/ 0866



I’d say this place needs a bit of an update. No complaints though, really (well, except for the glacially slow/intermittent internet and the flat pillows). We’ll be heading over to Los Gatos next to celebrate our anniversary having dinner at Manresa (and staying in a much, much nicer hotel).

CS-LD-0937See how it says “No Smoking In Suite” on the inside of the door? That’s the reason the 8 guys in the next door suites have been out on the adjoining porch/deck smoking cigarettes and marijuana for the past hour and a half. They’ve also got themselves quite a nice line up of empty Bud Light cans on the railing. Classy dudes talking shit (loudly) about their ex-wives. Perhaps by the time we get back from our sushi dinner they’ll be passed out and quiet in their rooms. Fingers crossed.


Oh, and the story of our “neighbors” reminded me of one of my favorite Beck songs:

Feb 13

Sauvage at Fausse Piste

Sauvage is a great new wine bar/restaurant in Portland that’s quickly becoming one of our go-to spots for fantastic food and wine in an intimate, low-key environment. We stumbled upon it one rainy night in December while on our way to a sushi joint a block away. We opted for Sauvage instead based on the menu and inviting ambiance, and we’re so glad we did. (We still haven’t tried the sushi down the block.)

sauvageWe went there for Valentine’s Day last week, and then again last night with our friend Storm. We all had the chef’s choice “Mystery Dinner” with wine pairings: five small courses paired with wine for $70. Every single thing: fabulous.

I thought I’d experiment with my Fuji X100 in this very very low light. Not bad!