NY: Bridges, Grimaldi’s Pizza, East River Ferry


This afternoon we decided we’d try the pizza over at Grimaldi’s, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. We took the subway down to City Hall and walked across the bridge into Brooklyn, which was not as cool as usual because there’s all this scaffolding up for work being done that obstructed our view a good chunk of the walk across.


A little bit of view, finally:


Grimaldi’s Pizza has great reviews and we kept seeing it listed as some of the best pizza in NY so we decided to try it. It’s very good. And the cannoli was not too shabby either. There’s usually a line out the door, but we got there mid-afternoon so we were seated right away. Not so for the people in line when we left.


grimaldisAfter pizza we walked down to the waterfront and got to Pier 1 just as a water taxi was leaving the dock. We thought it would be cool to do that rather than walk back across the bridge but as we were looking at the routes and times and fares (around the Statue of Liberty, down around the South end of the island and then all the way up to around West 44th, hop-on hop-off for $26), we realized the one we watched leave was the last one of the day. Next door, however, there was the East River Ferry that could take us up the East River to Midtown for four bucks. Arriving/departing in about five minutes. Sold.

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Nice evening to be on the water. We walked down 42nd Street to catch the subway at Times Square and are now back hanging out at Larra & Ari’s place. Another great day. We might go try the water taxi trip tomorrow to get a view of the other side of the island. We might also go up in something tall and take some more pictures. We also might go to the Met to see a couple of exhibits that sounded interesting. We have a lot to do still.

Here’s a street view of the Chrysler Building:

nyc0409-13The little Fuji x100s is keeping up just fine, I’d say.

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