NY: Red Rooster Harlem

We went up to Harlem last night to have dinner at Red Rooster. Great spot! We had several snacks from the bar (where there was a killer band playing!!), some fried green tomatoes, jerk chicken, mac’n cheese, fried chicken, and some crazy good sides (coconut yams, crispy plantains). The food was great and the atmosphere was perfect.

Here are some snaps along the way:

subway detail

subway art subway art


Subway detail

subway detail

subway detail

subway detail

In the restroom there was a framed letter from a third grader named Ataliyah that read:

Dear Marcus Samuelson,

Thank you for bring Red Rooster to our community. I really injoyed the potatos and carrtos. They were the best thing I ever had in my life. I hope you come back soon.

Your friend,

Another gorgeous day in New York City.

west side sunset


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