Sweet Macro with the Fuji x100s

We went on a nice long hike last weekend and I took a few more shots with my Fuji x100s that I love. Here’s one of ’em:




  1. Your Fuji shots are incredible Laura! I’m still in a quandary over the Fuji or the new Canon 70D. I love the portability of the Fuji but I take landscape, wildlife (birds), action and low light and concerned the Fuji won’t handle it all as well . . . any thoughts?

    • Thanks Darris! I don’t know much about the Canon 70D but I can definitely say you’d need something faster than the Fuji for birds. It does landscape and low light just graet (esp low light) but it’s not super speedy when focusing on moving things. I love it for what I got it for: a bridge between my iPhone and my Nikon D700. It’s much lighter and is usually with me (and the Nikon is usually not). 🙂

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